Parshas Vayera – A G-dly Revelation

By Shalom Olensky


This week in the Torah:

G-d appears to Abraham as he recuperates from his circumcision.


On his birthday, the four-or-five-year-old grandson of the third Chabad Rebbe visited his grandfather to receive his blessing. Upon entering his grandfather’s chamber, though, he began to cry. “Why are you crying?” the Rebbe asked him. “I heard that G-d appeared to Abraham. Why does he not show Himself to us?”….

The Rebbe answered, “When a saintly Jew, at the age of ninety-nine, concludes that he must circumcise himself, he is worthy of G-d showing Himself to him.”

This calmed the child and ended his crying.

Upon analysis:

Although this story happened to a child, it was recorded by the succeeding Rebbes of Chabad and was publicized by them. Hence we can learn from it; from both the child’s question as well as from his grandfather’s response.

The child:

The child’s question teaches us that each and every one, even on a low level, is able and has the right to demand that G-d reveal Himself to him or her.

The grandfather:

Taking this into consideration, the grandfather adds that one prerequisite stands before G-d will respond to such a demand; the recognition of even the most refined personage, that in order to meet with G-d and sense His presence, humility is a must.

(Based on Likkutei Sichos Vol. 1, Vayera)


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