Parshas Pinchas – A Lottery On The Land

This week in the Torah:

G-d Almighty commands the Jews to use a lottery to allot each tribe its portion of the Land of Israel.


“The lottery was cast with Divine Inspiration…the lot itself cried out, saying, “I, the lot, have arisen with such-and-such a district for Tribe so-and-so….”


Why was it necessary for the lottery to miraculously speak?  If to verify its Divine origin, this was already accomplished through a previous miracle – the High Priest foretold each lottery result before it happened (Talmud, Bava Basra 122a), proving the result Divinely inspired.

The Prodigy of Rogatchov:

“Every part of the preparation for a Mitzvah is itself a Mitzvah.”

The Rebbe Rashab:

“Truth means that wherever Truth is present, its presence is there completely.”


Everything, in the service of G-d – even matters that seem secondary – is important. Furthermore, since it is associated with the Omnipresent, it also contains within it the importance of everything else that serves Him.


To teach us this lesson, the lottery itself – although merely the method through which the Land was divided – spoke out and announced its own sanctity.

The moral:

As we now find ourselves in a moment which is a moment (right) before the Redemption, we must seek to infuse the time and place of the here and now with holiness. The more we properly prepare the here and now, the greater will be the intended results.

(Based on Sefer Hasichos 5751, Vol. 2, Pinchas)

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