Parshas Lech Lecha – Avraham’s Significance

By Shalom Olensky


This week in the Torah:

G-d tells Abraham to “Go forth” to the land of Israel wherein G-d promises him the land for his Jewish descendants. Later, G-d commands, and Abraham fulfills, to circumcise himself and all of his male children and servants. All of Abraham’s male descendants are commanded to be circumcised. A Jew thereby enters into the Divine covenant with Abraham and his Jewish descendants. With all the above, the Torah begins its record of G-d’s commandments to Abraham, the first Jew. Hence, this week in the Torah, is a major part of Jewish lore.


With Abraham began Torah’s entry into the world, preparing the world for the revelation at Sinai, G-d’s gift of the Torah to the Jews. However, we are now so far into the receiving of the Torah, increasing every day. What significance to our service today does Abraham’s introductory part portray?


This week in the Torah Abraham is promised the Land of Israel for his Jewish descendants. However, we are so far into the settlement of our land by now. What significance to our life on the land today does Abraham’s prefatory involvement portray?


Torah and receiving the Land of Israel are of the same theme; both are there to join sanctity with the physical. Torah draws sanctity into the objects with which a Mitzvah is fulfilled and the land made into the Holy Land is the same. (This is connected with the commandment and covenant with G-d through circumcision; bringing holiness to even the lowliest limb of the body. By our Patriarch Abraham introducing this Mitzvah to the Jewish People, he paved the way for our eternal mission, to join the physical and spiritual.)


As mentioned above, both of these steadily increase. However, till today they are incomplete. Through Moshiach, G-d shall reveal the innermost secrets of the Torah, something that has yet to happen. The land in our possession today is only part of what G-d promised our Patriarch Abraham. Seven portions out of ten are in our hands….With the coming of Moshiach, the non-Jews who currently possess those missing three parts will voluntarily give them to us.


Since we are still preparing for the completion of Torah and the Land of Israel, Abraham’s preparation is still relevant. In order to complete the attachment of materiality and holiness (physical Mitzvos and holiness of land), we must first “go forth” as Abraham did; leaving all measures and bounds and truly “going”, accomplishing things that till now were impossible.

Spiritually speaking, this means utilizing absolutely all of our potential, (not just the “seven” emotions and character traits, but also the “three” levels of pure intellect) in uniting with G-d and serving Him. This is done especially through learning Chassidic wisdom.

Practically speaking:

This means for every Jew to reach a completely new level in the study of Torah, as well as developing more Torah students till they too achieve completely new heights in their Torah study.

May G-d Almighty grant these efforts fruition in bringing Moshiach now.

(Based on Sefer HaSichos—5752, Lech Lecha)


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