Going Kosher


כשרון המעשה


הלכות כשרות הבית למעשה

Going Kosher

An easy, user friendly guide to keeping kosher


Rabbi Amiram Markel

Kosher Certification of America




Part I. Why Go Kosher?


1) Testimonies, Statutes and Judgments.

2) Divine Universal Standards. –


Part II. What does Kosher Mean?


1) Fit, Proper and good.

2) Eating the Limb of a Living Animal –

3) The Seven Noachide Laws

4) Preventing Sadistic Tendencies

5) The Ultimate Purpose of Creation


Part III. What Makes It Kosher?


1) Kosher and Non-Kosher Animals

2) Kosher and Non-Kosher Fowl

3) Neveilah and Treifah

4) Kosher Slaughter

5) The Slaughtering Knife

6) General Rules of Kosher Slaughter

7) Draining of Blood

8) Post-Mortem Inspection

9) Disjointed or Broken Wings or bones

10) Eating Glatt Kosher Meat

11) Removal of Fats, Arteries and Veins

12) Kosher and Non-Kosher cuts of Meat

13) Procedure for Removal of Blood

14) Removing blood from liver

15) Soaking and salting within 72 hours and Problem of Frozen Meat

16) Separation of Meat and Milk

17) Reciting Blessing before Eating

18) Kosher and Non-Kosher Fish

19) Checking Eggs for Blood


Part IV. Preparing for Koshering


1) Setting up Your Kosher Kitchen

2) Seeking Expert Assistance

3) Assessing what may be Koshered

4) Step One-What may be Koshered

5) Step Two- Separating the Unkosherable

6) The Dishwashing Machine

7) The Toaster

8) The Toaster Oven

9) Dishes, Cups, Saucers and Glassware

10) Pot Lids and Handles

11) Blenders and Food Processors

12) Mixers

13) Step Three-Thoroughly cleaning Kitchen


Part V. Koshering the Kitchen


1) Methods of Koshering

2) Koshering an Oven

3) Koshering an Oven/Additional Method

4) Koshering a Microwave Oven

5) Koshering Dishwasher

6) Koshering Utensils

7) Koshering Countertops

8) Koshering the Sink

9) Cabinets and Refrigerators

10) Separation of meat and dairy utensils


Part VI. Immersing Vessels in a Mikvah


1) Immersing vessels in a Mikvah

2) Immersing Electrical Appliances

3) Performing the Immersion – p.129


Part VII. Separation of Meat and Milk


1) Torah Prohibitions

2) Rabbinical Prohibitions

3) Business dealings in Non-Kosher Food

4) Feeding Animals and Pets

5) Breast Milk

6) Marait Ayin-Giving Wrong Impression

7) Asking Non-Jew to cook Meat with Milk

8) Fish and Meat

9) Fish and Milk

10) Storing Meat with Milk

11) Meat and Milk on same Table


Part VIII. Problems and Solutions


1) Introduction

2) Some Common Problems

3) Salting is Equivalent to cooking


Part IX. Sharp Foods


1) The Unique Status of Sharp Food

2) Which Foods are considered to be Sharp

3) Avoiding problems cutting Sharp Food

4) Common problems in cutting Sharp foods

5) Cooking Sharp Food


Part X. Waiting from Meat to Dairy


1) Two Reasons for Waiting

2) Varying Traditions

3) How Long Should a Baal Teshuvah or Convert to Judaism wait between Meat and Milk?

4) Six Hours after eating Meat or Six hours after Reciting the After-Blessing?

5) Doubt whether Six Hours have elapsed

6) Chewing Meat without Swallowing

7) Meat Lodged between Teeth

8) Pareve Dish Cooked in Meat Pot

9) Dentures, False Teeth, Crowns etc.

10) Cooking next meal in the Six Hour Period

11) Waiting between Dairy and Meat


Part XI. Kosher Bread


1) Pat Yisroel-Jewish Bread

2) Pat Palter-Non-Jewish Bakery Bread

3) Dairy Bread and Meat Bread


Part XII. Separating Challah


1) The Laws of Challah

2) Blessing for Challah

2) Procedure for Separating the Challah



Part XIII. Bishul Yisroel-Cooked by a Jew


1) Food Cooked by a Non-Jew

2) Food Cooked by a Jew

3) Food that is Eaten Raw

4) Food Fit for a Royal Table



Part XIV. Cholov Yisroel-Jewish Milk


1) What milk is kosher?

2) Cholov Akum-Non-Jewish milk

3) Cholov Yisroel-Supervised milk

4) Cholov Stam-Plain milk


Part XV. Kosher Wines


1) The Prohibition

2) Boiled Wine

3) Pasteurized Wine

4) What constitutes handling by a non-Jew?

5) The Blessing for Wine


Part XVI. Bug and Larva Infestation


1) The Prohibition

2) Inspecting for Bugs

3) Recommended Methods for Checking


Part XVII. Dangerous Foods or Habits


1) The Prohibition

2) Fish and Meat

3) Fish and Milk

4) Disgusting Foods

5) Dangerous Foods or Habits


Part XVIII. Blessing When Eating


1) Categories of Blessings

2) The Order of the Blessings

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