Yachid – Singular – 1:11

From the analogies above concerning the human soul, we may now understand the three matters mentioned above, as they apply to the Infinite Light. The first is called Yachid – singular. This level includes all ten sefirot, but here they are called, Esser Sefirot HaGnoozot (The ten hidden sefirot). This is because they are completely hidden in the essence of the Infinite Light and cannot be distinguished from it at all. This is similar to the analogy of the power of kindness or the power of movement as they are in the quintessential singularity of the soul. Likewise, above, in the essential singularity of the Ohr Ein Sof, the ten sefirot are there as well, in a way of a heyulie, and are indistinguishable from the essence of the Infinite Light. At this level, it is impossible to speak of a “unification or inclusion of qualities”, that the ten sefirot are as one, since all that exists is G-d’s absolute and total singularity. Nonetheless, we cannot say that the ten sefirot do not exist there, because if they do not, where did they come from? Rather, we must say that they do exist there, but that their existence is in a way of a heyulie – an ability. They have no actual existence apart from G-d’s quintessential singularity, and are totally indistinguishable from Him. About these sefirot it states in the Zohar, “He is wise, but not with a knowable wisdom, He is understanding, but not with a knowable understanding etc. He is not of any of these qualities altogether.” (Patach Eliyahu).

Now, the difference between the essential singularity of the Ohr Ein Sof and the essential singularity of the human soul, is as follows; Since the human soul is limited, therefore its heyulies are limited, whereas, since G-d is infinite, the heyulies of the Ohr Ein Sof are unlimited. For example, the heyulie of a flint is limited to bringing out fire. No matter how many times one hits the flint, it will never bring out water. Likewise, the human soul possesses limited heyulies. It is limited to human abilities. A man does not have the heyulie to fly like a bird. Neither does a bird have the heyuli to speak like a man. In contrast, the heyulie of the Infinite Light, is not limited in any way whatsoever. G-d is Kol Yachol (He has infinite abilities).

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