The Unification of NeHi”Y of Abba and Imma – 1:53

Now, it is specifically the unification of the NeHi”Y of Chochmah with the NeHi”Y of Binah which gives rise to actual heartfelt emotions that are rooted in reason. This is to say that it is specifically through the unification of the “Resolve” and the “conclusion” that the heartfelt emotions come about.  Let us return to the example of the analysis of crime and lawlessness.  It is only when there is a “conclusion” that crime and lawlessness is bad, and a “determination and resolve” that this conclusion is correct, that emotions of anger will be aroused at the occurrence of crime and lawlessness.  It is clear that if one of these is not present, no actual heartfelt emotions will be aroused.  For example, even if there is just the intellectual “conclusion of the therefore”, but there is no “determination and resolve” in his position, when opposition arises, he will falter and back down, rather than be aroused to actual heartfelt anger about crime.  Or if there is just “the conclusion of the therefore”, but no actual resolve, then again, he will falter.  From this we see that it is only the unification of the NeHi”Y of Chochmah with the NeHi”Y of Binah,(The “determination and resolve” with the “conclusion of the therefore”) that gives rise to heartfelt emotions which are rooted in reason.

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