The Singular Essence of the Soul – 1:6

Now that we understand the difference between a heyulie (ability) and a ko’ach (potential), we may now understand how the above mentioned faculties simultaneously do and don’t exist in the singular essence of the soul. A case in point is the power of movement. Even before one moves at all, he possesses the power of movement in his essential self. There, it is not separate from the essence of his soul, whatsoever. Now, even though, when it is revealed out of the self, in a particular movement, it divides into several differentiated details of the composite movement, it is impossible to say that all the particular movements were “included” or “unified” within the essential power of movement, as it is in the soul. This is because, as it is in the soul, before being revealed in any particular movement, it was not yet within the definition of “movement” altogether.

It did not exist as the distinct quality of “movement” for in the soul there is no movement whatsoever. There, all that exists is the essential self of the soul. Nonetheless, because we can clearly see, that when this power is revealed in actual movement, there are an infinite number of possible movements that could have been made, had conditions warranted it, we are forced to say, that every detail of every possible movement, is included as a heyulie (ability), in the essential self of the soul.

Another example of this may be drawn from the influx of life force from the soul to enliven the body. Though, once it becomes invested in the body, it is revealed as several differentiated faculties, such as the power of sight in the eyes, the power for hearing in the ears, etc., certainly, while this life force was still in the essence of the soul, all that existed was the essential singularity of the soul, similar to what was stated above about the power of movement. Nonetheless, we cannot say that these faculties were not included there. We cannot say that the spiritual power of sight to the eye and the spiritual power of hearing to the ear, the power to smell to the nose and the power of thought to the brain, were not there, for if that were the case, where did they come from? We can clearly see that every person possesses these qualities in the respective parts of the body, but before the influx of the soul into the body to enliven it, all of these functions were included in the self of the soul as heyulies (abilities). In other words, they did not have an actual existence there at all, but were rather the ability to bring them about.

This is similar to the above mentioned power of speech. All the words that a person will say during his life time have their source in the power of speech of the soul, but they exist there in a way of abilities. The power of speech is able to bring out all these words, but they don’t have an existence there in a way of a ko’ach (potential). There is no storehouse of potential words within the power of speech, which becomes depleted as the words come out. Rather, all that exists is the essential singularity of the soul.

All the qualities, including the power of speech, are so totally one with the self that they are undifferentiated from the soul itself. Before the influx of the soul into the body, there is only the singular simple essence of the soul itself. For this reason it cannot be defined as “inclusion” or “unification”, which implies the convergence of the many into one. This is not so, since, in the first place, they are in a way of an absolute singularity. Only later, when the intention to enliven the body comes up, are these qualities “highlighted”, so to speak, as a preparation for the influx into the body. Only then can we speak of the “unification” or “inclusion” of the powers of sight, hearing, feeling, smelling etc., in the soul.

Nonetheless, as the faculties exist in the very essence of the soul, as it is, unrelated to an influx into the body, only the essence of the soul exists. This is because the essence of the soul is completely beyond and unrelated to the influx into the body. In comparison to the essential self of the soul, the influx, which enlivens the body, is just another ability of the soul, similar to all its other abilities. In the soul itself, nothing at all has come out into revelation, as of yet. All that exists is the self of the soul, which includes the powers in it, in a way of heyulies (abilities). This is the most essential state of the soul.

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