The Seven Lower Sefirot (Midot – Emotions) – 1:23

The next set of sefirot is called The Seven Lower Sefirot, and corresponds to the emotions (Midot). They are:

1) Chesed (Kindness), which is the quality of giving and revealing to others.

2) Gevurah (Might), which is the diametric opposite of Chesed. This is the quality of withholding and concealing from others.

3) Tiferet (Beauty), which represents the merging of the qualities of Chesed and Gevurah which brings about the quality of mercy.

4) Netzach (Conquest), which is the quality of overcoming all obstacles.

5) Hod (Majesty), which is the quality of grandeur and splendor.

6) Yesod (Foundation), which is the desire and ability to influence others.

7) Malchut (Kingdom), which corresponds to speech and action. It is called Malchut (Kingdom), because for a king, speech is regarded as an action. What a king decrees with his mouth, happens. Malchut also represents the desire to rule over others. All the above will be explained later in greater length and detail.

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