The Knowledge Of G-D – 3:4

In order to differentiate between holy and unholy excitement, we must understand the primary difference between the holy and the unholy. Essentially, by definition, good is the revelation and awareness of G-dliness, whereas evil is the revelation and awareness of self.

This is the difference between G-dly excitement, and it’s opposite. As explained above, there cannot be any excitement into G-dliness if it is not preceded and inspired by contemplation of the Divine, as stated, “You shall know this day” and only afterwards “and you shall place it upon your heart”. True G-dly excitement is aroused solely through the toil of Hitbonenut on G-d and the true nature of existence in a detailed way (as expounded in Part One of this book).  However, the alien excitement, which is foreign to G-dliness, comes about when a person intends to arouse his emotions and become excited.  In contrast, G-dly excitement is the automatic and spontaneous result of Hitbonenut. Here, there is no intention to “become aroused”.  On the contrary, the focus is entirely on truly knowing and understanding G-dliness.  Because of this, the results are radically different.  The arousal of a person who does not desire to toil in the service of Hitbonenut, will be completely felt. This is to say that he will be aware of himself throughout.  In contrast, G-dly excitement of the emotions is not felt at all. He will not be conscious of himself or his excitement.

An example of how one’s emotions may be greatly aroused while he remains unaware of it is what happens when one hears good or bad news.  For example, someone who has just actually won the lottery will start jumping up and down and shouting for joy, but he will be completely unaware of himself because his mind is so totally and completely engrossed in the fact that he just won millions of dollars.  Only later, when he sees himself in a video does he realize he was jumping up and down with total and complete abandon, and he says, “Did I actually do that?” Furthermore, this comes about spontaneously and automatically. He does not need to instigate the excitement whatsoever.  It is altogether a natural response to the good news.  He does not think to himself, “I should be excited now, time to start jumping up and down and dancing for joy”.  Rather, he is totally and completely unaware of his excitement. It is a spontaneous result of the knowledge he was imparted.

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