The Knowledge Of G-D – 3:15

We will now explain the various levels of the Divine soul.

The lowest level of the Divine soul is similar to the level mentioned earlier in the animal soul of one who does not actually desire G-dliness but rather desires pleasure.  Likewise, in the Divine soul there is a level which is not considered to actually be part of the five levels of the soul, but is, rather, the lowest level of the lowest level of the Divine soul.  This is called Nefesh of Nefesh, or “Katnut D’Nefesh (The Immature state of Nefesh).

Let us now understand what exactly this level is.  Certainly, the fulfillment of the 248 positive and 365 negative commandments is dependant on free choice. This is the case for every Jew, whether he is on the highest or the lowest of spiritual levels. Moreover, the choices he makes depend on his level of Divine service, i.e. whether he has aroused a level of love and fear of G-d within himself or not.  However, regardless of his spiritual attainment or lack thereof, every Jew is drawn to desist from the negative commandments and to fulfill the positive commandments, by the very nature of his Divine soul.  In this all Jews are equal. This means that by nature a Jew does not wish to violate Sabbath observance, to engage in idolatry, or to commit severe transgressions such as murder, adultery, incest and the like, G-d forbid.  Likewise, in regard to the positive commandments such as eating Matzah on Passover, performing the commandments of Teffilin and Tzitzit etc., even the simplest Jews who lack all knowledge in Torah have a natural disposition and inclination to do them, without any prior thought or contemplation.

The reason a Jew is drawn to the Mitzvot (Commandments) is, specifically, because of his essential Jewishness (The Divine soul).  Now, though there may be many who take leniencies when it comes to fulfilling of the positive commandments, this is only because of the evil in their animal souls which overpowers the nature of the Divine soul.  However, the nature of the Divine soul is the diametric opposite of the animal soul. Just as the animal soul is drawn to physical pleasure, so is the Divine soul drawn to fulfill the commandments of G-d. Because G-dliness is its pleasure, the Divine soul detests evil, which is the antithesis of G-dliness.

Now, when a person is naturally detests evil and is drawn to matters of G-dliness, as they relate to action, this is the lowest level of the lowest level of the Divine soul. Actually, this level is not actually considered to be part of Divine service at all.  However, in this generation it is very rare to even find a person who has this level of the Divine soul revealed. If there is anyone who is similar to this at all, it is only a tiny ray or spark of this level which is revealed in him.  (In other words, in our generation it is almost impossible to find an individual who by nature detests the physical pleasures of this world and is naturally drawn to fulfill the commandments.  Nonetheless, in every Jew, even in our generation, there is still a spark of a spark of a spark of the Divine soul. However, this spark does not necessarily even draw a person to fulfill the commandments.  All that it does is keep him from divesting himself of his “Jewishness” altogether and converting to another religion, G-d forbid.

This may be observed in the Reformed or Conservative Jews, and all other so called, “forms of Judaism” being espoused today. There is not even an ounce of Truth or          G-dliness in their “religion”. The entire “religion” only revolves around their own personal “comfort levels” and desires, and has nothing at all to do with G-d.  Nevertheless, though their “Religion” has nothing at all to do with true Judaism as defined by G-d in His Torah, they still feel an inner need to identify themselves as Jews. Why is this so?  It is only because of their inner essential nature, that tiny spark of a spark of the Divine soul which remains within them.

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