The Knowledge Of G-D – 3:13

From the above it is clear that there are three general levels of comprehension of           G-dliness and that there are three ways of excitement and arousal which result from comprehension:

1) The first level is when a person becomes aroused and excited by the greatness of the explanation.  Although he is aroused from the G-dliness vested in the comprehension, it, nonetheless, comes about specifically through the light of the G-dly concept as it shines through the explanation.  He cannot become aroused by the essential G-dliness of the concept before he hears the entire explanation. The arousal comes mainly from the explanation itself. He only becomes aroused when he realizes the “Therefore” after receiving the entire explanation and only experiences the G-dliness through the explanation.

2) The second level is when he becomes aroused by the essential G-dliness of the concept itself.  Since this is the source of his arousal, as soon as he hears and “senses” the  G-dliness of the matter, even before he receives the entire length and breadth of the explanation, he will become aroused. This is because he sees and grasps the truth and essential G-dliness of the concept, how it is in essence, just by hearing the short introductory remarks.  Because of this, he will be able to expound on it with great breadth and length, of his own accord.

3) The third level is an even higher level.  In the second level he grasps the G-dliness as it is invested and thus limited within the brief words of his teacher (before the length of the whole explanation).  However, in this third level, because he can see the essential          G-dliness, as it is, even before being invested and limited in words, he can see the very essence of the matter. He is, therefore, able to bring out new insights without limit. He has grasped the heyulie essence, the very G-dliness itself, before it takes on any limitations whatsoever.)  However, the previous level and this level are generally interdependent.  This is because when one grasps the essence of the concept as it is limited in the essential point of the concept (as in the previous level), he will come to see the essence of the G-dly matter itself, as it is in its unlimited heyulie state. Because of this he will be capable of bringing out the full explanation.  (The difference between these two levels is like the difference between a Chacham and a Navon. This was explained in Part Two in regard to, “Be understanding with wisdom and wise in understanding”.)

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