The Knowledge Of G-D – 3:11

From all the above we understand that there are five general levels of the arousal of the mind and heart which result from the Hitbonenut-contemplation of G-dliness.  These correspond to the five levels of the soul, Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chayah and Yechidah.  The level of Nefesh is the resolve and commitment that relates to action only and is called “Cold Thought”.  Here he acknowledges and submits to the truth of the G-dly matters he has learned.  The second level, Ruach, is the “Good Thought” in which he feels that      G-dliness is directly relevant to him. Because of this there is a greater vitality to his service of G-d than the previous level.  The third level, Neshamah, is the “Natural Love and Fear of G-d”.  This is when the intellect actually causes great emotional excitement in the heart (but only from the Tamtzit – The Final Essential Conclusion).  About this level it is stated, “Binah Libah, OoBa HaLev MevinBinah is the heart, for through it the heart understands”.  The next level is the revelation of the Chayah.  This is called “Intellectual Love and Fear of G-d”. Here his entire being is involved and engrossed in matters of G-dliness and the excitement of his heart expands his intellectual capacities, literally.  This is when he grasps the Omek Hamoosag (The Depth of Comprehension)to the point that he despises anything short of G-d Himself and yearns to merge and be consumed by G-dliness.  The next level is the revelation of the Yechidah. This is the simple essential desire to fulfill the will of G-d, which is completely above the rational intellect, for desire is above reason, as is known. On this level G-d’s will is his will.

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