The Knowledge Of G-D – 3:10

Now, the result of the fourth level, mentioned above, is that one has a great longing and yearning to withdraw from the limitations of his body and the world and to transcend physicality by totally merging with G-dliness.  This is called, “Ratzo – Running towards G-d”, with an overpowering urge to totally merge and be consumed by G-dliness. (This is another reason why it is called “fire”, since fire is consuming.)  G-d responds to this withdrawal on the part of man below, by withdrawing the Ohr Ein Sof (The Infinite Light) from all levels of the created worlds.  However, this is contrary to the ultimate intention of G-d’s upper desire, which is that there be a dwelling place for G-d below, in this world.  For this reason there must be a “Shoov” -AReturn, after the “Ratzo” of running towards G-d.  This return comes about through the next level of Divine service, which is the revelation of the Yechidah, the singular essence of the soul. This level of the soul is completely and totally bound up with G-d and is indistinguishable from Him (as explained in Part One in regard to the level of Yachid).

When this level of the soul is revealed, the person “shares” the same essential desire (Keter) with G-d (for he is totally bound with Him). He, therefore, likewise desires that there be a dwelling place for G-d in this world. G-d responds to the “Shuv”(Return) of the Yechidah as well. He causes the Ohr Ein Sof (The Infinite Light) to become invested within all levels of the created worlds, thus revealing G-dliness in all worlds, and thus fulfilling the upper intent and desire in Creation.  (This is the opposite result of the previous level in which the person desires to withdraw from his own existence, thus bringing about the withdrawal of G-dliness from the created worlds.)  This is the meaning of the statement in the Mishnah, “Nullify your desire before His desire”.

This level is a pure essential desire to fulfill the will of the Master of the Universe, at all times, in a revealed way.    In other words, his very essence, which is literally one with G-d, becomes revealed constantly, and is not just there in an external encompassing way.  An example of this is that when a person is involved in saving his own life from death, his very essence becomes revealed and his entire being becomes fully invested in it.  Moreover, when this happens he has no self-awareness at all, but is completely invested in this alone.  Likewise, on this level of pure desire, his very essence, his entire being, becomes revealed and engrossed in the service of G-d, and there is no awareness of self whatsoever.  One who reaches this level does not fall from it, for it endures forever.

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