The Knowledge Of G-D – 3:1

We will now explain the various levels of divine service, and their effects, so that no one should err and stray from the true and straight path in the service of G-d. It is incumbent upon every individual to fully appreciate the commandment, “You shall place it upon your heart” and “you shall love HaShem your G-d with all your heart”.  Our holy sages explained that the word “Levavecha” (Your heart) is written with two letters Veit (V) to denote that one is to serve G-d, not with his G-dly soul alone, but with his animalistic soul as well.  We will, therefore, explain the levels of divine service and inspiration, according to the levels of the G-dly soul, as well as the animalistic soul.

This “love” spoken of in the verse, is the love of G-d, and refers to the Divine excitement which may be aroused only through the deep contemplation and knowledge of the greatness of G-d. About this we are commanded, “You shall know this day and place it upon your heart.”  Clearly, the placing “upon the heart” can only come about following “knowing today”.  Therefore, having completed the first part of this book, which dealt with “knowing today”, we will now discuss Divine inspiration, i.e. the effects which this “knowing” has upon the heart.

The first two parts of this book contained a detailed explanation of what one is to contemplate plus the methodology of how to approach Hitbonenut contemplation.  We will now explain the various levels of how one becomes divinely inspired as a consequence of the toil of Hitbonenut.

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