The Knowledge Of G-D – 2:6

From the above, we understand that the depth of a concept is its essential point as it flashes from the spring of Chochmah.  In other words, it is the flash of intuitive insight into the subject, which is its depth.  How is it, then, that one reaches the depth of a concept to have a flash of intuitive insight and understanding of the concept as a whole? How does one achieve this inspirational flash of understanding into the subject matter?

The way to attain the depth of a subject matter, the Omek Hamoosag (The depth of that which is being comprehended), is solely through the contemplative method called Iyun (Deep Analysis).  It is only through climbing the length of the revealed knowledge, and delving to the depth of the concept, keeping his mind focused on analyzing it until he understands each particular nuance of the concept clearly and thoroughly, that an automatic flash of intuitive insight into the subject will result.  This seminal flash of intuitive insight contains within itself, in a way of a Heyulie, all the length and breadth of the explanations that come out of it.

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