The Knowledge Of G-D – 2:5

There are three intellectual faculties: Chochmah (Wisdom), Binah (Understanding), and Da’at (Knowledge).

Up to this point we have explained the comprehended concepts in the brain of Binah, which is the brain of comprehension and grasp. Binah, specifically, is analogous to a river. This is because just as a river flows ceaselessly, so the brain of comprehension flows ceaselessly. This is called the, “River of Thought”, and as stated above it has length, breadth and depth similar to a river.

The faculty of Da’at is the ability to have focus, interest, and mental attachment to a subject.  This is understood from the verse, “Adam knew eve and she gave birth to a child”.  From here it is clear that knowledge means bonding.  This is the faculty of Da’at which is the ability to mentally connect to a subject.

The faculty of Chochmah, however, is not a brain of comprehension nor is it a brain of focus.  Rather, this brain is the source of the intellect.  It is from Chochmah that the concepts spring forth. Because of this it is analogous to a spring from which flashes of intuitive insight trickle forth. Chochmah (Insight) is called Ain (Nothingness), whereas Binah (Comprehension), is called Yesh (Somethingness), because just as a spring begins deep beneath the ground where it is unseen, so too the faculty of Chochmah cannot be comprehended.  One cannot have direct consciousness of Chochmah itself. Chochmah only becomes revealed in intuitive flashes which spring forth into the comprehending brain of Binah.

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