The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:98

Now, this “Cloak of Leather” which is called the Chashmal, specifically comes in a tangible and “concrete” way. This is similar to how an allegory is tangible and concrete relative to what is being allegorized. The Chashmal is also called by the term “Nogah”, which means, “Glowing”. This is because a small light which shines in the darkness has a far greater appearance of brilliance than a great light which shines in a place of brilliance, as the Talmud states, “Of what benefit is a candle glowing in broad daylight?” Its light is ineffectual and as naught. If one were to take the same candle into a dark room, on the other hand, its light would appear brilliant and it would be of great benefit. This is specifically because it is shining in a place of darkness.  In actuality the candle sheds no more light in a dark room as it does in broad daylight. Rather, it is the contrast with the darkness, which is its opposite, that gives it the appearance of brilliance.

Now, the word Nogah has two meanings.  It can mean, “To glow”, as in the verse, “Yagiyah Chashki  (My darkness glows) or it can mean to, “Stand or jut out” or “Become pronounced”, as in the verse, “K’Asher Hogah Min HaMesilah (When he juts out of the path) or the statement, “HaHogeh Et HaShem (One who pronounces the Name of HaShem).

Actually, both these meanings are related.  As in the example above, the candle light specifically “Stands out” and becomes noticeable in the dark. If not for the darkness it would be hardly recognizable.

Another example of this may be understood from the intellect.  It is specifically when a concept becomes tangible through an allegory or an application, that it “Stands out’ and shines with brilliance.

When the light of analytical thought becomes tangible through the letters of thought, the depth of the concept stands out and becomes recognizable and comprehendible. Or as in the example of allegories, it is specifically through the allegory that the concept stands out in a way of comprehension, rather than if he were to attempt to explain it without an allegory. In general, the Nogah of the ten sefirot is the aspect of these qualities “Standing out” and “Being felt”.

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