The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:97

The Torah calls Yosef “The Interpreter of Dreams” because it is he who interprets the dream, putting everything into its correct order, thus making sense of confusion and bringing out the true and correct meaning. “Yosef the interpreter of dreams”, represents the eighth king of Tohu which is Binah of Binah.  In other words, when one thoroughly analyzes something which is in a state of confusion, examining its every facet repeatedly, turning it over and over in his mind and delving into its every particular, he will finally arrive at a flash of intuition which will bring everything together in its correct order, thus binding it as a complete unity. Because he went through the contemplation, the result is that he will receive an automatic flash of intuition into the “Truth of the reality of what is”.

This is because he is using his intellect, whereas when he was “asleep” his intellect was withdrawn.  When he was “asleep” he did not contemplate or investigate the reality of what is.  It was just a “dream” that passed him by, without his stopping to examine it for a moment. Even if he did contemplate it somewhat, he jumped to conclusions and did not analyze his conclusions, to make sure they were correct, or how they fit into the general scheme of things, etc. The eighth king of Tohu, however, does not die, as do the emotional sefirot of Binah. This is because in Binah of Binah, even when there is error, nonetheless, because of continued analysis and contemplation, the errors eventually are weeded out and uprooted. The analysis continues until, finally, true reality is revealed and understood. However, this is only so if the “Primal desire” of the person is to understand.  However, if there are any ulterior motives, (as explained earlier, in the explanation of the ‘arms of Arich Anpin’) then he will not succeed, for his analysis will be a rationalization. It will not be objective, and will, therefore, not be true Binah (Understanding).  Because of this, Binah of Binah, which is the eighth king of Tohu, is called Mashiach ben Yosef (Moshiach the Son of Yosef, The Interpreter of Dreams). This is because it is specifically contemplation and analysis which transforms the “Cloak of leather” into a “Cloak of light”. An examining mind and a comprehending intellect make the difference between a confused “dream” and the “waking state” of true reality revealed.

(From this we may also understand the verse in the Shema prayer, “Do not stray after your eyes or after your heart etc.” What your heart feels and what your eyes see may deceive you. However, the verse does not say do not stray after your intellect. This is because if something is honestly analyzed to its ultimate conclusion, the truth will ultimately be revealed.)

(Through Deep contemplation and analysis into the “Truth of what is”, new emotions are born. The “Cloak of Leather” is when the emotions are cut off from their source because they are based on the delusions of a confused intellect. Through the contemplation of Truth everything reconnects to its true source in G-d and his intellect gives rise to new emotions. These are the emotions of true love and awe of G-d, which are born out of a deep and profound attachment to G-d.  This will be explained later at great length.)

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