The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:94

Now, as mentioned earlier, in the Torah scroll of Rabbi Meir, the word ‘Or’ was not spelled with an Ayin (ע) but with an Aleph (א), meaning ‘Light’, rather than ‘Leather’.  In other words, rather than this “clothing” being a concealing garment, it is a revealing garment instead.  For example, when one takes an allegory, which by its nature is a separate thing, and fails to analyze it to understand the inner meaning, then the allegory is separate and conceals. In contrast, when one takes the same allegory, analyzing and contemplating it, in an attempt to understand the analogue, then not only will the allegory not conceal the concept from him, but, on the contrary, it will shed light on it. The very same allegory which was a “Cloak of leather” that caused concealment becomes a “Cloak of light” that reveals.

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