The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:93

It is specifically because of this “shattering” of the vessels that it is possible for things that appear to be separate and disconnected from G-d to come into existence, similar to a “garment” which is separate from its wearer and conceals him. This shattering is the source of the “Cloak of leather”. It is called a cloak of leather rather than to a cloak of light, because it conceals rather than reveals. The result of this concealment is that we have the appearance of being separate and apart from G-d. There is concealment of G-d, instead of revelation. However, not only is there a sense of separateness from G-d, there also is a state of confusion and the appearance of randomness and multiplicity, in which things seems disconnected from each other and from their source in the one G-d. One incident seems disconnected from another and one subject seems unrelated to another. For example, one field of science seems unrelated to another field of science.  This phenomenon brings about confusion in the world as to the true nature of reality, because each ideology possesses a different piece of the “Truth” and even this small piece is in a state of total concealment. All this confusion is the result of the “Shattering of the vessels”. This is called the “Cloak of Leather”, which conceals the true nature of reality.

Another aspect of this “Cloak of Leather” is that it is like an allegory. An allegory is separate from the concept it conveys. The concept is only “enclothed” within it.  Nonetheless, the source of the allegory is higher than the concept it is conveying because the allegory is capable of “containing” the concept and it is only through it that the concept may be grasped. If one were to explain the concept by itself, however, without the allegory, no matter how much he would explain it, it would not be grasped. However, as soon as it becomes “dressed” in an allegory, it may be grasped. This is why allegories are used. If one understands the allegory properly, he may even grasp the concept to its very depth. However, if the allegory is misunderstood, it has the opposite effect. It hides and conceals the concept rather than reveals it. When the allegory conceals the meaning within it, it is called, “A cloak of leather”.

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