The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:90

The comprehension of Binah is also called by the term Rakiya (Firmament). This is to say that before a concept comes completely into comprehension, it is on a level higher than being limited within letters. For example, this is the explanation of a deep concept which has not yet completely settled in his mind in such a way that he has a “grasp” of it. This state is called “flowing waters” (Mayim D’Naidie), because it does not yet have any definite form and can manifest in any number of ways.  In contrast, once the concept is completely grasped in the mind, in a way that it is limited and comprehended within the vessel of the brain, it is compared to “water which has become frozen” (D’Agleedie Maya), and is now established.  In other words, now it has definite form.

This is the meaning of the verse in Ezekiel, “On the heads of the Chayot angels, a firmament with the likeness of ice.” The “Chayot” refers to the emotions.  This is because the word Chayot which means “living beings” also means “life force” (Chayoot).  This refers to the vitality of the emotions of the heart, which is the seat of the life force. “On the head of the Chayot” refers to Binah, for it is the comprehension and intellect of Binah which gives rise to the emotions. The prophet explains further, that it is specifically a “firmament” of the comprehension, in the “likeness of ice”, that gives rise to emotional life force. This is as explained before, that it is specifically concrete comprehension that gives rise to emotions. It is from this “firmament” that the “garment” of the “Chashmal” is drawn down, to encompasses and “enclothe” the emotions. This will now be explained.

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