The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:86

It is self understood that the source of the letters of Leah, which is called Malchut of Tvunah or Machshevet Sechel, and is the thought of the meaning of the words of Leah, as explained before, also exists in the essential singularity of the Infinite Light before Tzimtzum (Atzmoot Ohr Ein Sof).  It was explained that the letters of the thought of the meaning, which is called “Intellectual Thought” (Machshevet Sechel), is the source of the letters of thought, which is called Leah.  Likewise, in the Ohr Ein Sof before Tzimtzum, the source of the letters of thought of “Ana Emloch” (“I Shall Rule”) is in Malchut of Tvunah of Atzmoot Ohr Ein Sof. This is also call, “The Intellectual Thought” (Machshevet Sechel)of the Essence of the Infinite Light (Atzmoot Ohr Ein Sof).

Furthermore, clearly, if the thought ceases, speech ceases as well.  For example, if one is speaking and loses his thread of thought, his speech ceases as well, and all he can say is “uhhhh”.  When he regains his thread of thought, he can continue to speak. This explains what was stated earlier that, “The feet of Leah” (Thought), is the source of “The head of Rachel” (Speech).  Likewise, above, were the essential thought of HaShem to cease, His speech, which is the source of our existence, would likewise cease. This would bring an abrupt end to our existence, G-d forbid.

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