The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:85

From the above, we can understand how these three aspects, “Thought of thought”, “Speech of thought” and “Action of thought” exist throughout the entire chaining down of the worlds.  Just as in the essential desire of the quintessential Singularity before Tzimtzum, these three levels exist, so too they exist after Tzimtzum. As mentioned above, these three levels of thought exist in the Primal Thought (Machshavah HaKedoomah).  Following that, they exist in the thought of Adam Kadmon.  These three levels of thought then exist in the thought of Atik Yomin and Arich Anpin.  Similarily, in a human being, from the hidden thought in the essence of his soul, the thought descends further and further through all the above levels until it finally comes out in revealed thought, enclothed in the emotions of the heart, which is called Leah. These three levels, thought, speech and action, are also included on the level of Leah, as explained.

(Generally speaking, these three levels of thought, speech and action, correspond to the worlds of Briyah (Creation), Yetzirah (Formation) and Asiyah (Action).  Thought corresponds to the world of Creation, as mentioned above that thought is like a creation of something from nothing.  Speech corresponds to the world of Formation, and of course, Action corresponds to the world of Action.

From an even broader, more general perspective, Adam Kadmon is called “The Man of Creation” (Adam D’Briyah).  Atik Yomin and Arich Anpin are called “The Man of Formation” (Adam D’Yetzirah), and Zeir Anpin is called “The Man of Action” (Adam D’Asiyah).  Through the contemplation of this matter one may come to an understanding of a great many details in the chaining down of the worlds (Seder Hishtalshelut) all the way from the “Essential thought”, until the “Action of thought of Zeir Anpin”.)

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