The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:84

From all of the above, which is the allegory, we may now have a greater understanding in the analogue, which is the first source, the essence of the Infinite Light of G-d.  When the desire to do kindness arose in His simple essential desire before the Tzimtzum, these three levels of thought, speech and action of thought existed in the way of a Heyulie. The essential heyulie “Action of thought”, in the essence itself, is like the end action which arose first in thought, as if He pictures in His mind every single detail of all Creation, to the finest detail. Furthermore, He pictures it as if it is something outside of Himself.  This is similar to “Action of thought” in a human being, when he pictures what he needs to do, as mentioned above.

The essential heyulie “Speech of thought” is that He estimated within Himself, in potential, everything that will come out in the entire creation process.  This is similar to what was mentioned earlier about the “Speech of thought” in a human being, in which he thinks what to speak immediately before actually speaking.  This is what is meant by the first statement in the Zohar, that “In the beginning of the rule of the King, He engraved an engraving in the upper purity.” “In the beginning of the rule of the King”, is Malchut (Speech), However, the “Beginning of speech” is “Speech of thought”, as mentioned before. The Zohar continues, “He engraved an engraving”. This is to say, an engraving of letters in “Speech of thought” of everything that will come out after Tzimtzum, into revelation. This is as explained, that from “Speech of thought” comes “Thought of speech” (culminating with “Speech of speech”, when He actually speaks.  This will be discussed later.) This is the essential heyulie “Speech of thought” of the Infinite Light (Ohr Ein Sof) before Tzimtzum.

The essential heyulie “Thought of thought” is when He thinks the actual meaning in combinations of letters.  This is when it arose in His simple thought and desire, “I Shall Rule” (Ana Emloch) etc.  This thought is in accordance to His essential heyulie desire (Keter) and heyulie wisdom (Chochmah), as explained above.  (Because of this when a person below performs the commandments and sublimates his desire to G-d’s desire, this reaches all the way up, to renew and awaken the essential original intention of G-d in His essential desire and thought for creation.)

(As mentioned before, all of these details exist in the essential singularity of Ohr Ein Sof (The Infinite Light) before the Tzimtzum, because if they do not, where did they come from?  However, they do not have an actual existence there at all, but rather are there in a way of a heyulie (Ability). They are not anything separate and distinguishable from the Self, since only His quintessential singularity exists.)

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