The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:83

From the above statement in the Zohar, “The father (Chochmah) founded the daughter (Speech)”, we see that the source of speech is actually higher than the source of thought. (Binah, only, “Lends the clothing to the daughter.”) Why then does thought precede speech?  Furthermore, a human being is called a “speaking soul” or “speaking spirit”.  Why is this so if we see that thought precedes speech by several years?

The reason for this is because as stated in Sefer Yetzirah, “The beginning is bound up with the end and the end with the beginning”.  Therefore speech, which is the end, is bound up with the beginning (Chochmah).  Furthermore, from this we see that something which essentially is higher descends further down.  The example for this is a very large bonfire, whose light can be seen at a great distance. In contrast the light of a small fire will not be visible from far off.

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