The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:72

As stated before, Yaakov married two sisters whose names were Leah and Rachel. These two sisters represent the two Heh’s in the tetragrameton, the four letter name of G-d.  As mentioned previously, the first Heh represents Binah, which is thought, and the second Heh represents Malchut, which is speech.  Actually, Leah represents the letters of thought of Binah, which is the last and most external level of thought, while Rachel represents the letters of speech. Leah and Rachel are also referred to as, “The Concealed World” and “The Revealed World”.  This is because a person’s thoughts are internal and hidden from other people. Speech, on the other hand, reveals his thoughts and emotions to others. The details of thought, speech and their letters, will be discussed at length later.  At this point it is sufficient to understand that Leah represents thought and Rachel represents speech.

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