The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:7

Now, in order for distinguishable qualities to be revealed from this quintessential singularity, there must be intention.  Whereas prior to intention, the quintessential soul is not within the definition of relating to a body, nonetheless, upon intent, these qualities are “highlighted”, so to speak, as a preparation for the influx of  life into the body. The qualities now relate to being revealed. A case in point is the intent to reveal kindness, from the essential heyulie desire for kindness, through a specific act of kindness.  It has not actually been revealed yet.  Rather, it is in preparation to be revealed, for he now desires to do a kind deed.  The opportunity may not have yet arisen, but the desire for it has arisen in his simple will, but it is still totally within himself.

Nonetheless, one particular quality has become “highlighted” and is distinguishable from the others. Here it is applicable to use the terminology of “inclusion” and “unification” in regard to the many details of this quality. For instance, if the general quality is the desire to do a kindness, this includes the intellect of the kindness, the emotions of the kindness, and the thought, speech and action of the kindness etc. We would say that they are all one within the quality of kindness.

Another example of this is when a person daydreams.  He thinks about himself in his dream house.  It has a huge kitchen, a banquet hall to serve his guests, a ballroom to entertain them, an extensive library, billiard rooms, an Olympic size swimming pool straddled by five different Jacuzzis of varying temperatures and sizes, plus many other fancies.  All the details of the details are there as well.  The kitchen has a sink, the sink has a faucet and the faucet has knobs, and so on.  But what he is really thinking about is not so much the details, as much as his own self in his dream house.  His daydream includes all the details though, but all of it has yet to be realized.  The details of this general desire have yet to become concrete and finalized. There are many possibilities, and all the possibilities are included in his daydream.

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