The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:68

The first aspect of the emotions is called Yisrael.  Through understanding why it is called by this name we may understand what this aspect of the emotions is.  In the Torah, when Yaakov successfully wrestled with the angel of Esav, the angel said, “from now on you shall be named Yisrael, because you have ruled over Elokim.” (The letters of the word Yisrael [ישראל] may be rearranged to spell Yasar E-l [א־ל ישר] meaning “Ruled over E-l.”)  This corresponds to the age of 20 as mentioned above, where a person masters his very nature and desires.  (Note: The name Elokim has the same numerical value as the word HaTeva which means, nature.)

Now, there are different levels in Yisrael:

1. There are the emotionsof Chochmah. This is called Yisrael Saba (The Elder Yisrael).

2. The Intellect of the emotions of Zeir Anpin.  This is called Yisrael Zuta (The Small Yisrael).

In general though, the concept of Yisrael is either the emotions of the intellect or the intellect of the emotions.  The level of Yisrael in the intellect (Chochmah), is called Yisrael Saba, whereas, the intellect of the emotions is called Yisrael Zuta. It must be noted that in contrast to the other aspects of the emotions, such as the actual physical response to the emotions, as in the release of adrenaline etc, this aspect of the emotions is the most internal.

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