The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:63

Now that we have understood all of the above, we must return to the explanation of the emotions of Atzilut (Emanation) which are born out of the unification of NeHi”Y of Abba and Imma (The gut emotions of Insight and Comprehension),which are the lowest level of the emotions ofthe intellect of Atzilut, as explained earlier.  The emotions of Atzilut, on the other hand, are called Zeir Anpin (The Small Face).  Now, as is known, Zeir Anpin is still considered to be part of the Infinite, as stated, “He and His organs and life force are one”.  This will now be explained in greater detail.

As mentioned above, the upper two levels of the soul, the Chaya & Yechidah, are encompassing lights which do not become limited within the vessels.  The Yechidah is the aspect of the simple essential pleasure and desire whereas the Chaya is the aspect of the source of the intellect itself, (Maskil).  These two levels of the soul are not (usually) enclothed and limited within vessels at all.  It is only Chochmah and the sefirot below it, that are drawn into vessels and limited by them.  As mentioned above, the Neshamah is the intellect in the brain and the Ruach isthe emotions of the heart while the Nefesh is the life force in the liver.

Now, although these two encompassing lights of the soul, the Chaya and Yechidah, do not become enclothed or limited within the vessels, nonetheless, light shines forth from them into the intellect and below. For example, the desire is revealed within the intellect, in the brain of Chochmah and from there is drawn down into the comprehension of Binah. from Binah it is drawn down even further to stimulate the actual heartfelt emotions.

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