The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:57

There are two kinds of limitation:

1)      The first is the essential “ability to limit”.  For example, a person has the “ability to limit” the unlimited power of movement to a specific movement. This “ability to limit” exist even before it becomes limited to any “actual movement”.

2)      The second is the “actual limitation” to a specific movement when he moves his hand.  Now, even though the limitation into an “actual movement” depends on the “power to limit” of the soul, nonetheless, the “power to limit” and the “actual limitation” are not comparable to each other.  Firstly, the one is spiritual and essential, while the other is physical and separate from the self. Secondly, the ability to limit is not an “actual” limitation.  It is only that he limits his power according to his desire and choice.  It is not that he is actually limited and that he does not have the power to spread forth to a greater degree. Rather, it is simply that he does not have the desire to do so.  Although it is the source of actual limitation in the movement, it itself is not actual limitation at all.

Likewise above in the sefirot, this “Power to limit” is the essential power to limit (Koach HaMagbil), which is the source of the vessels which define the lights of the sefirot.  Furthermore, the “actual limitation” is dictated exactly according to the “power to limit”.  Therefore, although the vessels define the light through names (definitions), nonetheless, it only goes according to the decision in G-d’s essential ability to limit (Koach HaGevool).  Furthermore, the ability to limit becomes one with the limited action.  For example, the ability to limit the power of movement of the hand becomes one with the actual limited movement of the hand.  This, then, is the meaning of the statement, “He and His organs are one.”

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