The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:54

Now, before we can continue to explain the various parts of the emotions and their interrelationships with each other, the intellect, the desire and the self, we must first understand several important matters in regard to lights and vessels.

The Zohar states that “He and His life force are one” and “He and His organs are one”.  “He and His life force are one” refers to the lights of the sefirot, and “He and His organs are one” refers to the vessels of the sefirot.  The Sefer Yetzirah calls the lights of the ten sefirot, “The ten sefirot without whatness” (Esser Sefirot Blee Mah).  In other words, the lights themselves are beyond form or description.  As we learned above, the Essential Light is a quintessential singularity which is beyond description altogether.  It is specifically the vessels which give description and tangible existence to the lights.  This will now be explained in greater detail.

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