The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:52

The third level of the intellect has two aspects.  Firstly, it determines how to bring the intellectual influence out, as explained before. Secondly, it represents the matter of strong mindedness, as follows:

The Zohar calls the sefirot Netzach and Hod, “the two thighs (or legs)”.  This is because the legs hold up the entire body.  Likewise, in the mind, the sefirot Netzach and Hod are the strength of mind that uphold the intellect.  As seen from the example of Rav above, he remained firm in his opinion even though he could not come up with a logical argument to prove it. It was his strength of mind and intellectual resolve which upheld his opinion.  This is NeHi”Y of Abba (The gut emotions of insight).  This can be understood by what was explained above, that Netzach is the desire to conquer and overcome obstacles, and Hod is the desire for splendor and respect. Therefore Netzach and Hod of Chochmah represents the resolve that one’s intellectual opinion should triumph against all opposing opinions and should be honored and respected as the correct opinion.  In contrast to the above, someone with weak intellectual NeHi”Y, will not have sufficient resolve and confidence in his own intellect and will tend to back down in the face of intellectual opposition. He will not be firm in his position and will easily change his mind.

The NeHi”Y of Imma (Binah) is the “Therefore” that follows the analysis of Binah.  This is to say that after he has done the analysis (Binah of Binah), which is the inner level of Binah, and his intellect has already leaned toward either kindness or sternness, his intellect then comes up with a “Therefore”.  For example, he analyses the matter of crime and lawlessness (Binah of Binah).  The outcome of this analysis is an intellectual leaning toward sternness (Gevurah of Binah). From this comes the most external part of the intellect (NeHi”Y of Binah) which is the “Conclusion” that “Therefore” crime and lawlessness is a bad thing which must be stamped out.

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