The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:42

Now for the explanation of the matter of the “Inner Keter of Atzilut:


This is called Keter of Keter (Desire of Desire). It is the inner revelation of desire (Arich) and pleasure (Atik) and is the inner light of Keter.  It likewise, has ten sefirot. However, the next level of Keter, which is Chochmah of Keter (Insight of Desire), constitutes the intellectual reason for the desire and is called, “The hidden reason of the desire” (Ta’am Kamoos LaRatzon). It too has a Chesed and a Netzach. All this is still in a way of unlimited desire, even though Chochmah of Keter is a revelation that has already come out from the hidden essential desire, as mentioned above. It is for this reason that the emotions of the pleasure and desire are called, “The preceding days” (Yemay Kedem), meaning that they “precede” or are “higher” relative to the emotions as they exist in Chochmah and Binah proper.

The emotions of Chochmah and Binah proper, come about in a limited fashion, and are according to the limitations of revealed intellect only, as will be explained. The unlimited aspect of Keter continues down as far as the aspect of the Malchut of Keter, which is the very most external level of Keter. It is specifically from the external aspect of Keter that there comes about a division into three lines. This is because in the hidden reason for the desire, (which is Chochmah of Keter and is external relative to Keter of Keter), the desire is already regarded as being divided to into Chesed, Gevurah and the intermediate quality of Tiferet. However in Keter of Keter, which is beyond the hidden reason for the desire, there is only the simple essential desire without any reason at all. This is because in actuality, desire is something which transcends reason altogether. There is not even a hidden reason for the desire on this level. This is because it is an essential desire which is above the intellect. Therefore, this level of desire is higher than the division into right and left etc. even though it becomes revealed from the lowest level of the hidden desire of Adam Kadmon (Primal Man).

About this difference between Keter of Keter and Chochmah of Keter it states, “And the curtain shall be for you a separation between the holy and the holy of holies”. This is referring to the aspect of the Parsa (space) between Keter of Keter and Chochmah of Keter, which is called Krooma D’Avirah (The “airy membrane” that exists between the skull and the brain.) For this reason we say in our prayers, “May it be desirable before You”, meaning before or “Higher” than the Parsa. This is to say that we appeal to G-d on the level of His desire (Keter of Keter) which transcends even the hidden reason for the desire (Chochmah of Keter). Because of this it can override the intellect and reason of the desire and change from a desire to be stern to a desire to be kind, or the like.

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