The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:3

We concluded above that the universe and everything in it, including the human body, appears to have an animating force within it to enliven it, and that without this force it would be nothing more than dead matter. However, it is actually more than this, for the physical body of man and the materiality of the world cannot exist in and of themselves, without a force compelling them into existence at all times. Every physical thing, whether it is the human body, the planet Earth, the entire galaxy or the whole universe, is limited. A physical thing, by its very definition, has a beginning and an end. It has a beginning and end both in time and space. A physical thing, by definition, is three dimensional. In order for it to exist in space, it must have length, width and depth. Anything with length, width and depth is measurable and therefore limited. This means that the universe has a beginning and an end.

There also is a beginning and an end to the time of the universe. Time itself is a created thing. There was infinite timelessness before the universe existed, there will be infinite timelessness after it ceases to exist, and the duration of its existence is limited. No matter how much time the universe will exist, relative to the infinity that precedes it and the infinity that follows it, its existence is literally insignificant. It is not even a bleep on the radar screen of existence. We therefore see that the existence of the universe is not intrinsic to it. It does not have to exist. On the contrary, its existence is an anomaly which must be imposed upon it, by a being whose existence is intrinsic and above time. This being is G-d. Just as in the splitting of the Red sea, the waters stood upright, contrary to their nature to descend, because of the constant force of the east wind pushing them up, so too, there must be a constant creative force from G-d, “pushing” the universe and everything therein, including the human body, into existence at all times.

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