The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:23

The first set of Sefirot is called The Three Upper Sefirot.  This is because they correspond to the intellectual faculties.  They are also called Mochin  (Brains). They are:

1)      Keter (Crown), which corresponds to the quality of pleasure and desire.  (There also is a Sefirah called Da’at (Knowledge), which is actually one with the Sefirah of Keter and corresponds to the aspect of focusing and connecting to a subject. This Sefirah represents the intellectual interest into a subject, which relates to the aspect of desire.)

2)      Chochmah (Wisdom), which is the ability to have a new insight into a subject.  All wisdom derives from this Sefirah.

3)       Binah (Understanding or Comprehension), which corresponds to having a comprehensive grasp and understanding into the subject by way of detailed analysis.

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