The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:22

Before we continue explaining the creation process we must first introduce the concept of the Sefirot. Everything in existence contains certain qualities that give it characteristics which distinguish it from others.  Every person possesses qualities that give him his unique personality and individuality.  Every physical object is made up of specific qualities and characteristics which differentiate it from others.  However, all existence may be categorized into ten general qualities.   It is the combinations and permutations of these ten essential qualities that are the source for every quality and characteristic that exists. All other qualities and characteristics are merely derivatives of these ten.  These qualities are called the ten Sefirot.  Each Sefirah subdivides into ten and those in turn also subdivide into ten, etc. ad infinitum.  Everything that exists derives from the combinations and divisions of these qualities.


The ten Sefirot are:

1. Keter – Crown

2. Chochmah – Wisdom

3. Binah – Understanding

4. Chesed – Kindness

5. Gevurah – Might

6. Tiferet – Beauty

7. Netzach – Conquest

8. Hod – Majesty

9. Yesod – foundation

10. Malchut – Kingdom

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