The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:21

These three abilities correspond to the three Divine attributes which are mentioned three time daily in the first blessing of the Amidah prayer; HaGadol, HaGibor V’HaNorah (The Great, The Mighty and The Awesome)

  1. “The Great”, refers to the Ohr Ein Sof (The Infinite Light) which is G-d’s ability to reveal infinitely.
  2. “The Mighty”, refers to the Tzimtzum and Reshimu (Restraint and impression) which is His ability to restrain and conceal His revelation absolutely.
  3. “The Awesome” refers to the Kav V’Chut (Line and thread) which is His limitless ability to reveal in a restrained manner on any level between the two extremities of either infinite revelation or absolute concealment.

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