The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:13

The third level of the Infinite Light is called Kadmon (Primordial or Preceding).  Here, all the details, to the finest detail, of Creation have been determined and established.  All that is left is to bring it into actuality.  This level corresponds to the analogy of a person who is about to move his hand to reach for a bottle of soda.  The resolve to get the soda has been established and the entire process necessary to acquire it has been estimated within himself, down to the last detail. He knows exactly how much strength he will use, what movements he will make and exactly how far he will have to reach, and he is ready to do so.  Likewise, above, Kadmon is the estimation within G-d, of the entire process of creation.  Exactly what will be necessary to bring about the final result of the original desire for Creation, is in place and about to proceed. Nonetheless, nothing at all has actually happened. It is all still totally within and inseparable from him.

Now, it must be pointed out that these three levels of Yachid, Echad and Kadmon are themselves only heyulie abilities of the Ohr Ein Sof and do not have any actual existence there. Only the quintessential Self of Ohr Ein Sof exists, as an absolute simple singularity. Nonetheless, as explained above, though we cannot say that they exist there, we cannot say that they do not.

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