The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:122

In each of the lower worlds of Briyah, Yetzirah and Asiyah there are seven chambers within which the angels reside.  To understand what these are, we must understand the source of the chambers.  Furthermore, we must understand why in Atzilut these chambers do not exist.

The source of the chambers is the Chashmal, which is also called Nogah, as mentioned earlier.  This Chashmal encompasses from the externality of Binah until below Malchut, that is, it encompasses seven sefirot.  It is for this reason that there are specifically seven chambers and not ten.  Furthermore, because Chochmah itself is above any definition of a Chashmal, it is not applicableto speak of Hechalot (Chambers) or Malachim  (Angels) in Atzilut. Binah, however, is the source of the Chashmal. It is therefore applicable to begin to speak about Chambers and Angels in Briyah.

It must be understood that the Chambers and Angels come from the Kelipah (The external shell of the world they are in).  In other words, their source is not from the lights, but rather from the external vessels.  In essence, what the angels are, is the “somethingness” of the world they are in. This is how they receive their existence.  However, though they have a felt existence and sense of self, (Since they are from the Kelipat Nogah-Shining Shell of that world), nonetheless, they are still totally sublimated before G-d.  In order to understand this properly, we must clearly understand Kelipat Nogah – “The Intermediary Shell” or “The Shining Shell”.

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