The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:121

From all the above, it is clearly understood how everything that exists and that takes place, is exactly according to the simple essential desire (Ratzon HaPashoot) in the essence of the Infinite Light.  One may now understand the process from the simple essential desire for kindness which arose in G-d’s simple will, until the last particular desire for actualization, both in general and particular, which is called Keter and Atik of Asiyah.  This is as stated, “Everything that G-d desired He did”, in actuality.  All of these desires were included in the simple essential desire of his essence. Just as when a human being has a desire for a certain thing, even though it immediately becomes divided into particular desires from one level to another, until the final desire for the final act, nonetheless, all of it arose in one instant in his essential desire, without a differentiation of levels at all.

For example, when it arises in a person’s desire to eat pizza, his desire immediately divides into several other desires, such as the desire to get his wallet, his keys, to get into his car, to drive to the pizza parlor, to order the pizza, to pay for it and then finally the desire to sit down  and actually eat the pizza. All these desires were included in the original desire.  (Moreover, it is the final act of eating the pizza which arose first in thought.)  Therefore, because in his essence all these desires are literally one, therefore, in reality, there is absolutely no difference between the desire to emanate and the desire to create, form and act and all their particulars etc.  In other words, “I am first” which refers to Malchut of the Infinite Light which is the source of the desire for Emanation, and “I am last”, which refers to the last desire of Malchut of Asiyah which is the desire for this world (Olam HaShafel – The Lowly World).

Relative to G-d Himself, the source of Atzilut and the source of Asiyah are equal.  This is also the meaning of the statement, “Everything that G-d desired He did, in the heavens and the earth”.  “The heavens” refers to the upper purity before the Tzimtzum (The Encompassing Infinite Light – Sovev Kol Almin), and “the earth” refers to the lower purity after the Tzimtzum (which includes the entire chaining down of the line of revelation).  For example, in the evening prayer we say, “He arranges the stars at their watches according to His desire”.  This means that the stars, planets and constellations, which only receive from the external vessels of Malchut of Malchut of Asiyah, are also only according to His simple desire within the essence of the Infinite Light.  This is true to the finest detail of the finest atom or subatomic particle etc.

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