The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:120

Now, just as the worlds of Atzilut, Briyah and Yetzirah arose in His simple essential desire (Ratzon HaPashoot), so did the world of Asiyah.  From Malchut of Malchut of Briyah is drawn Atik and Arich of Asiyah (The pleasure and desire for the world of Action). Here too, there is a Masach between Yetzirah and Asiyah, just as there is between Atzilut and Briyah and Briyah and Yetzirah.  In other words, just as there is no comparison between emotions and actions and there must be a Tzimtzum between them, so too between Yetzirah (emotions) and Asiyah (action) there is a Masach.

Just as Keter Malchut of Briyah is the desire to actualize the world of Briyah, and Keter Malchut of Yetzirah is the desire to actualize the world of Yetzirah, likewise, Keter Malchut of Asiyah is the desire to actualize the world of Asiyah.  This is as stated, “For my glory, I have created, formed and made”. From this pleasure and desire for actualization, is drawn the intellect for the desire, i.e. Chochmah and Binah of Asiyah, which are called “Abba & Imma of Asiyah”.  Then, from Abba and Imma of Asiyah, (The intellect for the desire for actualization), are drawn the emotions of actualization, which are called Zeir Anpin of Asiyah. From Zeir Anpin of Asiyah, the emotions for the world of Asiyah are drawn into actualization in Malchut of Asiyah.  As mentioned before Malchut is the letters and vessels for the light.  Malchut of Asiyah then, is the letters of actualization and revelation of the light of the world of Asiyah.  Therefore, it is Malchut of Asiyah which is the source of the actual existence of the souls and angels of the world of Asiyah.

The lowest angels of the lowest level of Asiyah receive their life force from Malchut of Malchut of Asiyah.  Then, from the dross of the light of these angels life force descends to power the planets and constellations.  This is the source of all the energy and influence of our universe. The energy and influence of the planets and constellations, in turn, affect everything that exists on our planet, be it inanimate, vegetative, living, or speaking beings, including the climates, which affect the economies, as stated before.  Furthermore, they are the source of the compositions of the four foundations of fire, vapor, water and earth, from spiritual compositions to physical compositions.  For example, it is stated that, “the land gives rise to wise people”. This is because it falls under the influence of the constellation, “Machkim” (The one who makes wise).  This is true of everything that exists on this planet, even to the smallest blade of grass. All things receive their energy and influence from the planets and constellations. They, receive their energy from the dross of the angels, which receives its energy from the angels, which receive their energy from Malchut of Malchut of Asiyah.

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