The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:118

We will now explain the worlds of Briyah, Yetzirah and Asiyah, which are called the three “garments” of thought, speech and action. All the principles necessary to understand these three worlds were explained above. All that remains is for the student to apply them to these worlds. From this point, the details will be given in shortened form due to the constraints of this book.  (With G-d’s help there will be subsequent books that will delve into these worlds at greater length and breadth.)

As explained above, from the Malchut of the higher world becomes the Keter of the lower world.  Therefore, from the Malchut of Malchut of Atzilut is drawn the Atik and Arich of Briyah (The pleasure and desire to create something out of nothing).   Just as it arose in G-ds simple and essential desire (Ratzon HaPashoot) to emanate (Atzilut), so too, it arose in his simple desire (Ratzon HaPashoot) to create (Briyah).  This is called Keter Malchut of Briyah (The desire to actualize the world of Briyah).  From this pleasure and desire for creation, is drawn the intellect for the desire, i.e. Chochmah and Binah of Briyah, which are called, “Abba & Imma of Briyah”.  From Abba and Imma of Briyah, (The intellect for the desire to create), are drawn the emotions of creation, which is called Zeir Anpin of Briyah.  From Zeir Anpin of Briyah – (The emotions for creation) is drawn the actualization of the world of Briyah, (Malchut of Briyah).  As mentioned before Malchut is the letters and vessels for the light. Therefore, Malchut of Briyah is the letters of actualization and revelation of the light of the world of Briyah. Malchut of Briyah is therefore the source of the actualization of the souls and angels from nothing to something in the world of Briyah.

Now, just as above in Atzilut there are ten sefirot, lights, vessels, enclothements, chambers, and unifications etc. so too in Briyah all these matters apply.  However, as mentioned before, there is no comparison between Atzilut, which in general corresponds to Chochmah, and Briyah which in general corresponds to Binah. One who understands this will be able to contemplate and understand the relationship between these worlds.

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