The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:117

From all the above we may understand the statement of the twelve sons of Yisrael to their father.  They told him, “Hear O Israel, The L-rd our G-d, The L-rd is one!” (“Shma Yisrael, Havayah Elokeinu, Havayah Echad”).  It is explained in the Talmud that what they were saying was that just as in your heart there is only one (Only G-d exists), so too in our hearts there is only one. As explained above, Yaakov is Tiferet of the world of Atzilut, which is totally bound up with the self of G-d.  In contrast, the consciousness of the sons of Yaakov was in the world of Briyah.  What they meant was that just as in Atzilut “He and His life force (lights) and organs (vessels) are one”, likewise, in Briyah only G-d exists.  In other words, just as before Tzimtzum there was “He and His name alone”, so too after Tzimtzum, there is only He and His name alone, as explained above on the verse, “I Havayah have not changed”.  This is also the explanation of the verse, “Havayah is one, and His name is one” (The name is bound up with the bearer of the name). (As mentioned before, Adam Kadmon, is called the General Man of  Briyah. This being the case, Ohr Ein Sof  would be called the General Man of Atzilut.)

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