The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:111

It is stated that, “the father founded the daughter” (Abba Yasad Barta).  As mentioned before, the “Father” (Abba), refers to Chochmah (Insight), whereas the “Daughter” refers to Malchut (Speech).  The explanation of this is, as explained previously, that the power to unify and combine comes from Chochmah.

Nonetheless, we see that the actual combinations of the letters of speech are only according to the divisions of the five Gevurot.  As mentioned above, these divisions come from Binah and are called the “protrusions of the seal”.  This is because they function by limiting the “holistic” thought and leaving “particulars” which stand out. This is also called speech of thought. Of course, this is an act of Tzimtzum and limitation. This means that in order for one to speak coherently, he needs to limit himself and select a specific manner of how he will articulate his thoughts and feelings.  As stated previously, a sign of one who is incapable of doing this is stuttering.  The reason he stutters is because he cannot limit himself to a particular line of speech and words.  Because he cannot limit himself, he cannot come up with specific words in his thought, and subsequently in his speech.  We see from this, and from what was discussed previously, that the combinations of the speech are exactly according to the divisions and combinations in thought.  This is as stated before that “The mother (Binah) lends the clothing (the five Gevurot) to the daughter (Malchut).  (In other words, from the upper mother (Binah), influence is drawn down to the lower mother (Binah of Malchut). As explained before, from “speech of thought” comes “thought of speech”.)

The statement that, “The father (Chochmah) founded the daughter (Malchut) refers specifically to the source of the power to combine. However, it combines according to the thought of Binah, as explained before that the power of Binah is to “take things apart” whereas the power that combines comes from Chochmah automatically.  When one desires to speak, he does not need to analyze how to combine the letters.  Even a child, can articulate his desires without any prior preparation whatsoever.  This is because the power to combine comes automatically from the source of the Chochmah, which is above the comprehension of Binah. (As explained above, this source is called “Koach HaMaskil” “The power of conceptualization) and is Chochmah of Arich Anpin.)  This then explains the statement above that “the father founded the daughter”.  Furthermore, this is the main reason why a human being is called a “speaker – Medaber”.  At first glance, one would think that he should be called a “thinker”.  However, from the above we understand that the source of the power to speak is actually higher than the source of the power to think.  A human being is therefore called a “speaking soul”. (In other words, when the source of the letters, which are literally within the soul itself, are revealed in speech, he is called a speaking soul.)

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