The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:103

There also is a stage called Panim B’Achor (Face to Back).  In this stage, Zeir AnpinKudsha Brich Hoo – is aware of the Jewish People, but they are unaware of Him.  This is similar to the time beginning with the exodus from Egypt until the destruction of the first Temple. During this period, there was great influence from above to below, from G-d to the Jewish people, but little reciprocation from below to above. Because of this, immediately after receiving the Torah directly from G-d and hearing Him speak at Mt.Sinai, the Jewish people were capable of making the golden calf.  Likewise, during the time of the first Temple, though there were many prophets of G-d and many open miracles which occurred on a regular basis, the Jewish People, nevertheless, were drawn to idolatry, etc.

Another possibility is the reverse of this stage. This is the stage of Achor B’Panim (Back to Face).  In this case, there is influence from below to above but no reciprocation from above to below.  This is similar to the period of the second Temple, in which the Jewish people repented, but nonetheless, the miracles which had taken place during the time of the first Temple did not occur. This is the meaning of the verse, “They will call Me, but I will not hear them.”

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