The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:102

There are several stages in the “building up” of the female stature (Nukvah or Malchut).  The first stage is called Achor B’Achor (Back to Back).  During this stage, Adam & Chava (Zeir Anpin & Nukvah) were literally one. Nonetheless, they were back to back and were therefore unaware of each other and could not relate to each other.

When two people are back to back, they could, literally, be standing an inch away from each other, and nonetheless be completely unaware of each other. This is so, even if they are literally one being, but back to back. Likewise, before the separation of Malchut into a full stature, Zeir Anpin (The Giver) who is also called Kudsha Brich Hoo (The Holy One, Blessed Be He), was “unaware” (so to speak) of the Jewish People, who represent Malchut (the recipient). In this state, the Jewish people too, were unaware of “The Giver of all things”, Kudsha Brich Hoo (The Holy One, Blessed Be He), and there was no relationship between them.

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