The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:101

With the above introduction, we will now explain the creation and “building up” of the sefirah of Malchut (Action of Speech). Malchut is called “the Tenth”. This is because it is made up of the tenth sefirah of each of the other sefirot of Zeir Anpin. As mentioned above, each of the sefirot includes ten sefirot within it. This being the case, each sefirah contributes from its Malchut to make and “build up” the sefirot of Malchut.  For example, Malchut of Chochmah contributes to make up Chochmah of Malchut, Malchut of Binah contributes to make up Binah of Malchut, Malchut of Chesed contributes to make up Chesed of Malchut etc.  This is explained as follows.

As explained above, the aspect of the Malchut of each sefirah represents the letters of that sefirah which give it its description, existence and revelation. For example, Malchut of Chesed is the letters of the kindness, which give it its defined existence, as a kindness.  However, Malchut of Chesed still exists completely within the self. It is a definable feeling, but it hasn’t yet been expressed at all, not in speech or in action.  As explained before, this is the matter of, “He and his organs are one”.

Now, from Malchut of Chesed comes Chesed of Malchut.  In other words, from the letters of the emotion of kindness, comes the kindness of the letters of speech. This may be understood from the letters of a signet.  As explained before, the letters as they exist in Zeir Anpin are like the letters that protrude from a stamp or signet. This means that they are still totally part and parcel of the signet. The signet is then stamped into wax.  The revelation and description of the letters of the signet, brings about a revelation and description of letters in the wax.  This is to say that the revelation and description in the letters of speech, is a revelation of a revelation. The difference between the revelation and the revelation of the revelation is that before it comes into speech, it is still totally within him, and is still part and parcel of himself.  Furthermore, although any description is a limitation, nonetheless the letters as they exist in Zeir Anpin are still only according to how he desires to limit himself within himself, and have not yet come out into the actual limitation of action. However, when the description becomes revealed in speech, it now becomes a revelation of a revelation, a “Something of a something”, which now is a separate entity unto itself. It becomes Chesed of Malchut which comes about from Malchut of Chesed etc.

In the same way, all the other sefirot of Malchut are brought about from the sefirot of Zeir Anpin.  From the tenth sefirah of each sefirah (The Malchut of that sefirah) each corresponding sefirah of Malchut comes about. From Malchut of Chochmah of Zeir Anpin, comes Chochmah of Malchut, from Malchut of Binah of Zeir Anpin, comes Binah of Malchut etc.

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