The Knowledge Of G-D – 1:100

We will now explain the aspect of Malchut of Atzilut, which is called “The world of Speech” or the “revealed world”, as mentioned before.   As explained above, speech is the aspect of Rachel, and is represented by the last letter Heh (ה) of the four letter name of G-d (The Tetragramaton).  This is because Binah represents the first Heh of the name of G-d and as stated in Ezekiel 16:44, “Like mother (Binah) like daughter (Malchut)” and “The mother (Binah) lends her clothing (the five gevurot) to the daughter (Malchut)”.  This is to say that the divisions of the letters of speech follow exactly according to the divisions which took place in thought.

Before we explain how the sefirah of Malchut is built into a separate stature in and of itself, which is called “Nukvah” (The Female), one more thing needs to be explained.  As previously mentioned, Adam represents Zeir Anpin while Chava represents Nukvah (Malchut).  In the Torah, before Adam’s wife Chava, was created,the Torah tells us that G-d put Adam to sleep. This teaches us that the “Sleep of Zeir Anpin” is a necessary prerequisite to his wife being separated from him.  Before the separation, the female (Nukvah) was included in Zeir Anpin, just as Chava was included in Adam. Only after the separation of Adam’s “rib” was Chava built into a separate human being in and of herself, with a separate life force and body.

(One cannot do analytical thought and speak at the same time, he must first think and then he can speak.  Therefore, in order for Malchut (Speech), to come into being as an existence of its own, the thought needs to recede and then immediately the speech may begin.  Therefore, it is necessary for there to be a dormita d’Z”A (The sleep of Zeir Anpin) before the “building up” of Malchut can take place.)

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