The Estimation within Himself – 1:8

Following the above mentioned stage, in which a specific quality and desire is “highlighted” as a preparation to being revealed, there comes a third stage. In this third stage, all the details of the desire which has emerged, have already been estimated and finalized and are ready for actualization. He has resolved to act upon his desire, but as of yet, it is all still within him. He is about to do it, but since nothing has actually been done yet, the entire line of action may still be aborted. He may change his mind in the last moment or something might delay him from doing it just yet. In the analogy of the desire for a dream house, this is when the person has already worked out and finalized all the details for it, in himself. He has decided what color it will be, what type of wallpaper each room will have, the style of flooring and decor, etc. Everything is decided to the finest detail, but he might not have the funds, and that is stopping him from putting it into action.

Returning to the analogy of the power of movement, this is when a person is about to move his hand to reach for a bottle of soda resting on the table. At this point, besides his desire for the soda, he has completely calculated the entire movement that he is about to make, all the way to the final action of drinking the soda, which fulfils the originating desire. Though this calculation is to the finest detail of the action, it is still completely within him and cannot be differentiated from the self. Now, just as he is about to reach for the bottle, someone else reaches for it and grabs it first. His own movement is aborted and never sees the light of day. It never comes out from the potential to the actual altogether. We see, then, that in this stage, because the action is about to come out into actualization, all its components are there, to the finest details, as distinct abilities. Nonetheless, they are in no way outside of and distinct from the soul and have no real being on their own. Therefore they are said to be distinct qualities without being. Since this is only the preparation for actualization, but no action has yet come out, it may still be delayed or aborted altogether.

In regard to the analogy of the influx of the life force of the soul to enliven the body, this is the stage when the soul is about to become invested in the body to enliven it, but has not yet actually come out.

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