Reshimu – Impression – 1:17

From the above, we understood that following Tzimtzum there remained a point which contained an impression of the entire Infinite Light, in a hidden way, and that it is similar to a blueprint. The blueprint is the design of the structure in all its details. From the blueprint the entire building is constructed exactly according to the intent of the architect. Not a single detail is missing.

Likewise above, although the Infinite Light is concealed in the Reshimu (Impression), nonetheless, it is all there. Not a single detail is missing. Furthermore, it is from this point and impression that the entire Creation is constructed. This is understood by the fact that a line is drawn from a point, just as the letter ו (vav) begins with the letter י (yud).

We see that the Reshimu represents two opposites, concealment and revelation. The Infinite light, which precedes it, is concealed in it, whereas all that follows it, is revealed through it. All of Creation is drawn from this point and included in it.

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